Cloudy Horizon

The Alakaʻi wilderness preserve on the island of Kauaʻi is the backdrop for this oil painting, "Cloudy Horizon" by artist Patrick Ching. In this painting a Hawaiian honeycreeper, known as the Kauaʻi ʻakialoa sips nectar from the lehua blossom of the native ʻŌhiʻa tree. Its long, curved bill is especially useful for extracting insect larvae from tree bark or nectar from deeply cupped flowers. This species of ʻakialoa was last sighted in the late 1960s. Another species of ʻakialoa previously existed on the islands of Hawaiʻi, Oʻahu, and Lanaʻi.



The mat is the decorative border on the outside of the actual print. Matted prints are measured by outside matte dimensions available in 8"x10", 11"x14", and 16"x20" - fitting standard sized frames.



Full-size prints extend to the full dimensions of 8”x10”, 11x14” or 16”x20” (or equivalent square inches in the case of narrow artwork). There is no mat border, so the picture itself is larger than a matted print.


Matted and Full-Size prints come in clear protective sleeves with foam core backings.



Giclée, pronounced zhee-klay, is a French word meaning “fine spray”. Giclée are the finest quality reproductions printed on canvas then varnished with a durable protective coating. They can be stretched and framed like an original painting, and need no glass covering. Mine are sent rolled and ready for framing.


You may inquire about gallery wrap giclée, which add an extra 1-5/8" all around with the image mirrored edge. Gallery wrap giclée cost 20% more than standard giclée, and can be stretched at a frame shop near you as a contemporary option to framing.



International orders will have added postage that will be reported to buyers for approval. International shipping is typically two to three times normal shipping.


Cloudy Horizon

  • Original   SOLD
    Print 8x10 $29.95
    Print 11x14 $44.95
    Print 16x20 $94.95
    Giclée 9.5x11.5 $97
    Giclée 13.5x16.5 $250
    Giclée 21x25.5** $675
    Giclée 25x30.5** $895


    **indicates item a part of a Limited Edition