Interactive Painting Nature 26-Lesson Online Mastery Course

This Interactive Painting Nature Online Mastery Course includes the 26 video painting lessons as well as Q&A sessions with Patrick Ching via a special Facebook group, private messaging, or the students preferred method of communication. The Q&A sessions are at the students request and convenience.


Each of the 26 painting videos in this course contain many valuable lessons. They are all self-contained follow-along videos, complete with an introduction to bring any painter up to speed. The paintings are presented in a chronological order that builds upon the lessons learned in the previous painting videos.

These are the techniques that Patrick Ching uses to create his realistic works of art. They are presented through relatively short and simplified paintings.


Lessons recommended for use with oil, acrylic, or Genesis heat set oil paints.


“These are the lessons I wanted to learn when I went on my quest to produce high quality, professional art.”


With Aloha from me,

Patrick Ching


*Individual painting lessons are $19 each so you SAVE $244 for getting the entire set of 26 lessons.


*reference photos provided in each of the lessons are copyrighted and permitted for your use by Patrick Ching and contributing photographers.

Interactive Painting Nature 26-Lesson Online Mastery Course